Tuesday, 8 April 2014

New website

Dear Readers,

I want to thank you very much for checking out my food blog daily. I am happy to announce the launch of my website.


This blog will no longer be updated. You will be able to view all your favourite recipes on my new site. Also, I am very excited to announce that Eleni's Empanadas can be ordered directly online.


Friday, 7 March 2014

Kale and Chick Pea Soup

This Monday marked the beginning of lent for most Christians in the world as they prepare themselves for Easter. In the Greek tradition, some Greek people fast for the full forty days; refraining from eating any animal products. However, most will observe some form of fasting during the Holy Week. In our modern age we struggle to find vegetarian meal ideas because we are so use to consuming animal products such as meat, eggs and dairy. I must admit that I too fell in that category several years ago before explore the wonderful world of vegetarian eating. Often I hear my fellow Greeks say that they never know what to eat during lent and therefore fore go the whole experience or they simply can't stomach another bowl of fasolada. Here is a simple and hearty soup to fill all your hunger needs including protein and leafy greens.

1 bunch of kale, chopped
1 onion, diced
1/2 tbsp mint leaves
1 tsp thyme
4 cups of vegetable stock
1 cup of tomato pulp
1 can of chick peas

1. Saute the diced onion in a medium sauce pot until they sweat a bit. Avoid browning the onion otherwise your soup base will be bitter.

2. Throw in the kale and cover to allow to wilt slightly before stirring into the onion.

3. Season with the mint, thyme, salt and pepper before pouring in the vegetable stock and tomato pulp.

4. Bring the soup to a boil before adding the drained and rinsed chick peas to the pot. Then turn it down to a simmer for 30 minutes.

5. Serve with your favourite crusty bread.